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Holistic Health Coaching

Looking to create lasting change that will take you toward your health goals? Coaching will provide the support you need! Let us guide you in a process that will uncover and bring clarity to your values and how they connect with your daily routines. From there, we work together to build your plan for a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle that is a natural expression of who you are.


Allie specializes in health coaching related to pain management and movement, as well as building routines that promote your best health within the context of your life.

She currently offers 1:1 coaching. Find out more below!

Understanding Your Fascia

3-part Workshop


Do you know how to handle change? Most of us resist it in some way; change can feel scary, overwhelming, or just plain uncomfortable. But we also really want to change! We desire eating a nourishing meal, taking a 30-minute walk, or being able to sleep well at night.


Rather than setting the bar incredibly high and disappointing ourselves when we don't reach that perfect goal, join this group coaching series to learn how slowing down, getting curious, and spending time to make a choice are ultimately more sustainable avenues in working our way through changes to our health.

What else is in store? More details below!

Writing by the Water

Join a supportive, focused group once per week online for 75 minutes of live coaching that will be centered around making changes in a sustainable and reflective way. Any and all curiosities are welcome as we explore how we understand change, and what to do to close the gap between where we currently are and where we want to be.

Bring your questions, goals, and stories! 

Week One

Discover the language of the body! What do we define as change, how are we gathering information to sense that the present moment is changing, and what tools can help us navigate unknown territory so we can get the most from our transitions.

Week Two

On our second meeting, we explore which muscles might be involved in your particular pain experience. Learn some anatomy, and then self-massage techniques that may be able to help affect how the muscles and fascia feel.

Week Three

At our final meeting, we will share any changes we've experienced over the past two weeks, and incorporate some ideas to reeducate the muscles and fascia with movement and exercise. Exercises are tailored to your specific needs, and modifications can always be made.

Next Cohort

Wednesdays @ 6:00pm Eastern

July 12, 19 & 26

Investment: $122

Early Bird price until June 30: $97

Space is limited to 6 people, book your spot today!

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