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Group Classes & Workshops

Join the group for movement, coaching, and a collaborative atmosphere of like-minded people! 

We offer online classes as well as specialized in-person workshops that include anatomy training and exercise applications for living a pain-free, fully embodied life.

Allie is also available to provide human anatomy, movement, and/or self-care programming at your school, business, or retreat. Please email to inquire!

Dance Class

The Monday Move

Livestream class only. Join us on Mondays at 8am EST for a 45-minute class inspired by you! We take a poll at the top of the class, see how your body feels that day, and from there design a movement practice to shake it out, spend time stretching, cut a rug, or incorporate some yoga! Theme changes every week, come breathe, move, and get your blood flowing!

*starts July 17th

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Anatomy & Movement Workshops

Once a month, we offer a sliding scale community workshop to help you troubleshoot minor aches & pains, and be able to stretch what's tight and strengthen what's weak. We begin with a guided meditation, learn a bit about human anatomy, and then discuss how to spot movement patterns. Self-massage techniques and light exercises are taught so you can feel confident in taking care of your body.


Sunday June 11th

Taking Care of Your Rotator Cuff

11am - 1:30pm

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Foam Rolling Classes

Pop-up classes online only. Learn ways to self-massage those tired muscles and tight fascia with whatever tools you have at home; foam roller, tennis ball, and mini spiky balls are excellent starters!

We will also use our hands for those delicate and detailed areas (a foam roller for your jaw hasn't been invented yet, for example).

Class will be announced periodically via email and social media, and will run for 60 minutes.

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