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Meet Allie

Welcome! How exciting to be here with you!

My mission is to interweave science and art in ways that make healthy living both practical and joyful. I am passionately motivated by lightbulb moments, when everything clicks into place on a quest of discovery.

My greatest teacher has been my own body; no matter how many different avenues of intellectual education I pursue (and there are so many that I'm excited about!), at the end of the day, how I truly feel in my body is the most accurate barometer of my wellbeing.

I'm honored to share all the tools I have available to guide you in learning and trusting your own body. Whether that's through coaching, movement practices, or bodywork, let's work together to experiment, challenge, and laugh our way to your best health and vitality.


It is my absolute pleasure to connect you with the magic and power of life. 

My Specializations

These are some of the areas I am most passionate about! I've studied extensively to help you with:

Body Wisdom/Intelligence

Lifestyle Management

Pain Management

Movement & Exercise

Soft Tissue Health

Nervous System Integration

Integrative Bodywork

Through massage therapy, myofascial release, and breath, spend some time feeling into your body. Therapeutic bodywork, guided movement, and learning to release inhibitive tension patterns can be amazing assets as you work toward your own health and freedom. Book a session today!

Notebook Dried Plants

Holistic Health Coaching

Are you looking to make significant change in your health? There is nothing better than a good support system when redesigning your healthy habits and achieving sustainable success! Let us guide you with managing your chronic pain and healthy lifestyle. Read about online coaching and see if our work is the puzzle piece you've been looking for.

Movement Practices

Most of the time, the body requires both release of tension and new input to get out of its comfort zone and learn a different way to alleviate pain. This is where our group classes and movement coaching come in! Regularly exploring the motion of your joints, gently building muscle (and muscle memory!), and having fun doing it are fantastic ways to feel flexible, light, and strong in body, mind, and spirit.

What Clients Say

"Allie Smith is a skilled and compassionate healer. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology allows her to easily work with the client and assist in the process of re-educating the bodies muscle memory via the fascia and subtle energies, and overall achieve the goal of the client. The best therapist I have had in many years."

Page W.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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