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Holistic Health Coaching

Looking to create lasting change that will take you toward your health goals? Coaching will provide the support you need! Let us guide you in a process that will uncover and bring clarity to your values and how they connect with your daily routines. From there, we work together to build your plan for a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle that is a natural expression of who you are.


Allie specializes in coaching clients to build routines and habits that will move them toward their healthiest self.  She is particularly interested in helping you past your biggest blocks, no matter what your goals are, and focusing on the essentials that will promote your best health within the context of your life.

Coaching with me is for you if you:

want to make a change in your health!

are looking for help because you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or just don't know where to begin

are motivated to learn about choices that set you up for success

would like to learn what it means for you to be healthy

love feeling your best and having abundant energy

benefit from being listened to, and having caring support and sound guidance

enjoy a challenge and achieving your goals

prefer a balanced approach that considers what's practical for you and the changes you desire

Coaching with me is NOT for you if you:

are looking for a quick fix

don't really want to change

want someone to fix you or tell you what to do

feel the financial investment would put you in a difficult place

are willing to let frustration or overwhelm dictate your experience

How It Works

I coach only a few clients at a time. This allows me to be fully present with you, and to spend the necessary time it takes to listen deeply to your health story and your coaching needs.

We will work together for either 3 months on a short-term goal, or 6 months on a longer-term goal. Our initial discovery call will help to clarify which length of time would suit you best.

Once you have decided how you would like to focus on your health, we meet at scheduled intervals to discuss your progress and adjust as needed. Appointments are only held on Zoom at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is health coaching?

Health coaching is a type of support where a client and a coach meet to discuss a health goal that the client has. Clients get a chance to take a big-picture look at their health, what it looks like now versus what the client wants their health to look like. The coach will then help the client form specific, achievable goals, and also guide the client in creating a plan to reach those goals.

Why hire a coach?

Studies have shown that a good support system is a key factor when learning and making lasting changes. Hiring a coach will help you learn how to set goals and work toward achieving them, plus provide you with 

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